Granny Jammin Quilts

Tie-dye quits are custom-made by Granny Jammin from top quality cotton flannel tapestries individually tie-dyed by JamminOn dyemaster PaulSimon.  Squares or panels are framed and backed with Jo-Ann’s tie-dye Snuggle flannel available in red, blue, yellow and green.  All framing and backing flannel is pre-washed to minimize shrinkage. The quilts filled with light-weight polyester batting (unless hi-loft batting is requested) and tied with matching yarns.

Square tapestries are approx 42 x 42 inches, panels are approx 42 x however long PaulSimon made them 🙂 . With the addition of a solid color frame, quilts can be made in any size: crib, couch, twin, full, queen or king.

Contact Granny Jammin for prices (by size) and delivery dates. 50% deposit is required with the order. Delivery time is usually 2-4 weeks. Quilts are bulky but very light and a full size quilt ships for less than $12.00!!

Available panels – choose your panel and the flannel color (blue, red, green or yellow) for your frame and backing.

Special-order quilts laid out on a queen sized quilt for their portraits 🙂

From the Flames on the Water series, baby/lap-sized:


Pasquale Rotella, the owner of Electric Daisy Carnival, commissioned eight picnic quilts, using tapestries created by Jammin On’s PaulSimon and JayRoc


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