Jammin on Main – Jammin on Haight’s new Las Vegas Tie-Dye Boutique


Welcome to my cozy tye-dyed corner of the world. I’m Granny Jammin, otherwise known as Dr. Mauri Collins.  My sons, BenJammin, Jeremy and PaulSimon are among the world’s finest tie-dye artists.

The Jammin family’s newest venture, Jammin on Main, lives inside Main Street Peddlers at 1400 S. Main Street, #9 on the corner of Main & Imperial in Las Vegas. The vintage mall (managed by Benjammin’s Aunt Sarah) is a treasure chest of mid-century modern, vintage, and collectibles and the perfect location to bring Jammin tie-dyes to Las Vegas.

2015 celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the Grateful Dead – the iconic San Francisco group who wrote the sound-track to a counterculture movement that brought tie-dyes into the mainstream of American fashion

Granny Jammin runs the boutique store stocked with world-class dyes created by the Jammin Rainbow crew headed by her sons, Benjammin and his brothers, Pauly & Jeremy, who are on a mission to recolor the world.

The flagship Jammin store – Jammin on Haight in San Francisco’s historic Haight Ashbury District – is a frequent stop for both tourists and locals alike.  Over the past three years, Jammin on Haight – on the corner of Haight and Masonic – has revitalized an iconic corner in the Haight.


The tie-dyes for the Jammin On stores – in Haight Ashbury and here in Las Vegas,  are made by hand in the Rainbow Factory  in Novato, CA. Brothers Jeremy, PaulSimon, and Benjammin have trained a new generation of dye masters to keep the color flowing. Over a dozen young artists work tirelessly, with the Jammin boys, to create unique, expressive garments for both locations. Jammin On takes pride in using Made in America white goods.

I couldn’t be prouder of my sons turning their artistic talents into a thriving business that also gives emerging artists meaningful work. Not to mention, helping their mom enjoy retirement a lot more!

Enjoy your unique rainbow!

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  1. The stage at old Legends Lounge (the premier jamband club of the West that was located at Lamb & Washington from 1995 – 2001) backdrop was a collection of 8 Benjammin original Tye-Dyes. The Las Vegas jam scene and the Las Vegas Jamband Society has been hip to the Strebel’s work a long time running. Looks like it’s time for the rest of Las Vegas to catch up with some old school style.

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