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May, 2016
New BEEN-On-TOUR Zippered Pouches and Microwave Mitts!
The boys at JamminOn tie-dye backdrops that go on tour and hang behind bands as they play.  Backdrops get attached with HUGE spring clips to the light/sound bars so, over the course of a Tour, can get ripped and ragged around the edges.  Some end up in Granny’s workroom and are re-purposed by Krystal Jammin in nifty zippered pouches to corral all kinds of things from lipsticks in your purse to pens and pencils in your backpack.  Granny Jammin adds Insulbrite lining and crafts microwave mitts, for those occasions when your elbow-length asbestos welding gloves are a little much!

April 2016
In answer to requests for button-down shirts, we have just received a shipment of Bali rayon shirts. – and the colors are more vivid than than can be shown in pictures.  These are generously cut and we have Men’s sizes S, M, L and XL

Spring 2016: A selection of the new Tie-dye Yoga Pants in the store –  in XS, S, M, L, and XL – we have over 25 pairs- all different – in stock!  And Yoga SHORTS, too!

Shots from the Store


We move things around as we receive new merchandise.





A new selection of shirts

Handmade Turkish daisy chains crochet flower necklaces from Dr. Lin Hightower's craft collective at Jammin on Main in Las Vegas NV
Handmade Turkish daisy chains crochet flower necklaces from Dr. Lin Hightower’s craft collective at Jammin on Main in Las Vegas NV

9 thoughts on “New In the Store”

    1. All our dyes are created by the Jammin DyeMasters in the Rainbow Studio in Novato, CA. The Jammin gang are always happy to arrange a tour and to consult with new tie dyers. Contact Jeremy, Jammin or PaulSimon through the Jammin On Haight Facebook page. Also did you take a look at the “How Are Jammin Dyes Made?” page? I included a lot of shots from the studio 🙂 Come on down and take a look at our store – I am there Friday, Sunday, and Monday afternoon and would be happy to talk with you. – Granny Jammin

    2. They do in San Fran!! We went and made shirts with the Jammin Crew!! Brought the whole family!! Fun For All Ages!!
      Wavy Gravy at the 3rd Annual Jammin On Haight’s annual fundraiser for Camp Winnarainbow was fun for kids of all ages, and raised $1,000$ to donate to the camp. Camp Winnarainbow is a circus and performing arts camp, founded and run by long time rainbow advocate Wavy Gravy. Jammin On Haight offered free barbecue on the corner of Haight & Masonic where their store is located and the chance for kids and big kids alike to make their own tie dye right alongside our very own tie dye masters. The Flavor Brigade Ice Cream Shop was out in full force giving Italian ice, hugs, and smiles. Cynnamon Simonson was delighting everyone with her face painting wizardry.ids Day!

    1. I don’t offer button-down tie-dye shirts with a collar at Jammin On Main. BUT check out for short-sleeved, button-down shirts. Any 100% natural fiber garment can be tie-dyed, so contact customer Care at (415) 851-5787 for special orders and they will put you in touch with the right people! Or you can put your request in a comment on Jammin On Haight’s Facebook page at

  1. I was in Vegas on July 8-11 for widespread panic at the hard rock. I bought some of the Mikey Houser, tie dye beer huggie’s. Do y’all happen to have anymore of them available. Let me know.

  2. Hi,

    I am working for a manufacturer in Thailand. Just wondering if Jammin interest in our products which can match your customers’ styles.


    1. Check out what we do on We buy white goods (cotton, bamboo, rayon, etc) and tie-dye them. If you see anything you could help us with (and I know the quality of Thai texties – my good friend works with the Queen’s Weavers) please use the “Contact Us” page to let us know. Thank you.

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