The Jammin On Family

It’s an understatement to say that we’re a colorful bunch!

Meet the Jammin On Family!

Most of the family at the Pranksgiving Fashion Show n Haight Ashbury. November 2014.
Most of the family at the Annual Pranksgiving Fashion Show in Haight Ashbury. Black Fridye, November 2014.

Holly (Krys’ daughter), Krystal (sister to the Jammin boys), Dad, StRebel,  Sara Nova (BenJammin’s Daughter), Santa Bob, Mom (aka Granny Jammin), Jeremy, BenJammin and of course, PaerCosmos

Strebel Family reunion at the Rainbow Workshop
All four StRebel Boys together again! and then some!

At the Rainbow workshop, (Feb 2016) Sean StRebel, Pauly, Sue Strebel (mother of Sean, wife of Tim), Jay, Grandma Strebel, Jammin, Tim (uncle to the boys) and Josh, visiting from Tucson, AZ


Newest member of the Jammin Family – Sunny Powers – who married Jammin brother PaulSimon in June, 2015. They celebrated their honeymoon at all five Grateful Dead Fare-Thee-Well concerts!

Benjammin with Barf Bucket Bob in his custom made Tye Dye Santa Suit
Benjammin with Santa Bob Student in his custom made Tie-Dye Santa Suit.  Bob Student, aka “Barf Bucket Bob” is a member of RocMed and a long time supporter of the Jammins
Benjammin, Pauly, Jay and other in bone gear
Benjammin, PaulSimon, Jeremy and other family members in PaulSimon’s bone gear
Sarah Elizabeth, Benjammin's Aunt, with the owner of Electric Daisy Carnival Pasquale Rotella at Jammin on Main in Las Vegas
Sarah Elizabeth, Benjammin’s Aunt, with Pasquale Rotella, of and owner of the Electric Daisy Carnivals  at Jammin on Main in Las Vegas. The “DaisyMan” bought the very first tie-dye shirt after the store opened.
Sunshine Powers, Pauly's wife and store Manager of Jammin' on Haight
Sunshine Powers, PaulSimon’s wife, is Jammin’s VP of Awesomeness and manages the store a Jammin’ on Haight
Benjammin's Dad, Steve Strebel, visiting Jammin on Haight
BenJammin’s Dad, Steve Strebel, visiting Jammin on Haight and looking elegant  a custom made tie-dye festival coat
Benjammin's sister Krystal in one of her favorite tyedyes
BenJammin’s sister, Krystal brings powerful sunshine to the solar panel industry and occasionally can be found selling Tie Dye for us at festivals and events.
Little Sister Norah joins the family business as General Manage, Jammin On Vegas, When not selling Tie Dyes, Norah and Cider can be found playing agility.
JayRock, Takefumi Omori and Pauly showing off a Steal Your Face tapestry
Jeremy, and Takefumi Omori with PaulSimon, showing off a Steal Your Face tapestry
Interviewed for the "Going Further" documentary, George Porter and WavyGravy were dressed in their Jammin Dyes
 George Porter, Jr. and WavyGravy rockin’  their Jammin Dyes – yes, Wavy’s wearing one of PaulSimon’s exclusive “Bones” shirts..
Benjammin and Granny Jammin
Benjammin and Granny Jammin at Jammin on Main. Granny is wearing one of PaulSimon’s exclusive “Mom” shirts.

The Jammin Family Motto:

We’re not the Black Sheep of the family
we’re the Sparkly Tie-Dyed Ones!!

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    1. 1400 S Main Street, Las Vegas, NV 89104 – on the corner of Main and Imperial…on Main Street, halfway between The Stratosphere Hotel and Charleston Blvd

  1. Hey Ben Jammin!
    Just found this sight! Wow! Vegas!!
    Wishing you and yours a great New Years! Say hey to maui dawg joey, missed seeing him and family my last time out. Spent new years with Swan Dog.
    Coming out to the islands first week of May 2018. Will stop by the new store.
    Keep it Bright!
    Black Sheep Todd, the sound guy!

    1. I did send on your good wishes…even if I am slow at responding. By now I am sure you have visited our Jammin On Maui store and caught up with Joey and the family.

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